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The Pennisless Wild (USA) ... mixed and mastered

At first listen the voice seems very dry. But it actually has the wicked Adaptiverb on it that delivers "pitch-quantized" reverb-trails that sound almost like a synth-pad.

The Penniless Wild is an indie/folk/rock outfit based out of Hartford, CT. Originally comprised as a folk duo, they have since transformed into a five-piece electric unit, while holding true to their folk style of writing. The band released their first studio project in late 2017 entitled “Cardboard Sheets” and have been performing regionally in support of the EP playing with bands like Good Old War, Bronze Radio Return and The Ghost Of Paul Revere, to name a few Replacing acoustic guitars with electric guitars and the stomping of feet with driving bass and hard hitting drums, the band brings an intense, heartfelt rock and roll aspect to their music. Recently nominated for Roots Act of the year in the New England Music Awards, they are picking up more and more momentum and are currently in the studio recording their second record.


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