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Bogart "Late Starter" amazing review on "The Word is Bond" UK

Aktualisiert: 4. Apr. 2020

Stunning Lo-Fi album by Bogart on Australian Imprint "O-Nei-Ric Tapes"!

Great album-review on "The Word is Bond" top-blog UK.

We had the great pleasure and honor to master these stunning tracks!

More music coming soon on US-label "Effortless Audio".

Artist: Bogart

Title: Late Starter

Label: O-Nei-Ric Tapes

Release Date: April 1st 2020

O-Nei-Ric Tapes’ expertly curated catalogue continues with a new addition from Bogart. The debut-album features 6 carefully and creatively crafted

lo-fi tracks.

Bogart is made up of two longtime friends: Marin Bächli and Iannick Würsch both located in Switzerland. Marin originally hails from Croatia and Iannick from Stuttgard/Germany.

For many years Marin has been involved in producing music: he has been sound-designer for the very popular Radio 105, works at 3+TV and has been DJing at illegal

raves and underground parties. His music was recently used in a MTV-show via „HD Music Now“!

The duo is inspired by DJ Crush, Digable Planets, a Tribe called Quest and the Nazive-Tongues Movement. The album „Late Starter“ has been produced and recorded at the guys’ bedrooms and mastered at the legendary Schallzentrale Studio.

The charming opener „Hello World“ features jazzy and bluesy snippets paying tribute to the duos jazz and blues heroes with samples from Lowell Fulson.

„Second Try“ with a wonderful dreamy atmosphere, vintage-strings enriched with warm chords. The track describes the second approach of the band in producing and tracking a solid record.

„Marseille“ is inspired by the movie „La Haine“ with Vincent Cassel. The film hast introduced Bogart to the French Hop-Hop Scene. The oriental sounding fiddle is

supported by an amazing „wow and flutter“ beat.

Beautiful Istra is dedicated to the magnificent region in Croatia, where Marin is from. These gorgeous images and memories have helped Marin overcome is flight anxiety.

Humphrey is obliviously in relation to the acts name and their love to the „Film Noir“

Underground features smeared chords a bubbly bass and an inviting heartwarming vibe. The closing track is bit more minimal, freaky and late night.

The classy good time grooves with deft little bass riffs sticking out of a gooey groove and cosmic atmospheres is what makes this lo-fi album so special.

This is brilliantly colorful music that exudes real soul and charm from start to finish will help establishing the charming duo as creative producers and innovative beat-makers.


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