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PSY30 Pow-Low ... out now!

Overwhelming feedback!

PSYCLE. Records was founded by Pazoo in early 2007. PSYCLE. is not particularly specialized in any style of music. But we love trippy music – electronica, experimental as well as dance floor oriented tunes. We look for authentic and creative music. Yes... PSYCLE. is spelled with a dot! ;-)

Press Contact, London


Pow-Low - Der Querdenker (PSY36)

Pow-Low - PEACE ... Coming Soon! (PSY35)

Pow-Low - Easy (PSY34)

Pow.Low - Healthy (PSY33)

Pow-Low - Rebel (PSY 32)

Pow-Low - Crown (PSY31)

Pow-Low - He’s got the Jack (PSY30)

Pow-Low - Inhale EP (PSY29)

Pow-Low - Fibonacci Cult remixes (PSY28)

Pow-Low - Fibonacci (PSY27)

Pow-Low - Ghost Note (PSY26)

Pow-Low - The OGs (PSY25)

Pow-Low - The R_M_X_Es by Are:Age, Mathias Makau, Roger Mills (PSY24)

Grünesblau - Galaxy Madness (PSY23)

Pow-Low - nowER & Debussy feat. Rainer Oleak, incl. Are:Age Remix (PSY22)

Pow-Low - The Boogie Man (PSY21)

Pow-Low - Double Barreled Remixes (PSY20)

Sesento - All For More (PSY19)

Sesento - Past The Broken Skin incl. EMU remix (PSY18)

Sesento - Waking Dusk (PSY17)

7Department - 77Road incl. Pow-Low Remix (PSY16)

Pow-Low - Double Barreled (PSY15)

Pow-Low - Beelzedub (PSY14)

Bubble & Squeak - The Thang - Dave Shohk remix (PSY13)

Pow-Low - Minigrip (PSY12)

V.A - Before The Hiatus (PSY11)

Tolga Baklacioglu - Divergent Isolines EP. (PSY10)

Akan - Isolation Remixes (PSY09)

Dualism - Odd Behaviour Patterns EP. (PSY07)

Akan - Isolation Remixes (PSY06)

Technii - Secret Window EP. (PSY05)

Doppler - Running Past EP. (PSY04)

Jens Zimmermann - Transmitter Check EP. (PSY03)

Omas FGT - Silver Bullet EP. Pt.2 (PSY02)

Omas FGT - Silver Bullet EP. Pt.1 (PSY01)

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