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Pow-Low was born in the Italian part of Switzerland. During high-school he played in several metal bands, drums, vocals & synths. As a young teenager Pow-Low was a drums-student of jazz-star PIERRE FAVRE. He promoted and played his first live gig at 13 and released his first tracks on vinyl at 17 years of age.


After a degree in economics he studied recording engineering & production at the acclaimed FULL SAIL University in Orlando, Florida. He there signed his first production contract with Gary Platt (Prince, Bon Jovi, Yellow Jackets...), where he was given the opportunity to learn the Synclavier and Fairlight systems. In 1988 he moved to LOS ANGELES where he got a job at the many grammys awarded RECORD PLANT studios in HOLLYWOOD (Michael Jackson, Guns and Roses, Billy Idol, Beastie Boys, Jefferson Airplane, John Lennon & Paul McCartney amo.).


In 1990 Pow-Low toured the MTV/SWATCH tour and then got hired by the south African BOP-STUDIOS where he was chief house engineer for the biggest recording studio of the world. He there worked on the soundtrack for the HOLLYWOOD PICTURES film SERAFINA (starring Whoopi Goldberg) and produced ZEROp, a Swiss metal band. Their album became album of the month in Japan and France. Pow-Low then became chief sound engineer at GREENWOOD, LIMELITE / PRIMETIME studios.


During 1993 he produced and remixed CORONER, the world's pioneers of thrash metal. CORONER has sold over 500'000 units worldwide.


In 1994 he started his own band NO RELIGION and got signed to EMI/Virgin. They released 2 albums and several singles. NO RELIGION was Switzerland’s leading crossover band, merging metal and progressive electronic music to a unique 4-to-the-floor stile. With several music videos on VIVA and MTV they got worldwide attention and got booked overseas. NO RELIGION was the first European band to do an internet concert in the USA. One of NO RELIGION'S creative highlights was the synchronized soundtrack to the total eclipse of the sun in 1999, found on the hit single THE SUN KING and on the VIRGIN rec. album FIRE. The album also contains a cover version of AC/DC's HELLS BELLS. They've released tracks on Switzerland Nb. 1 vinyl-record label for progressive house music: SOG records and charted worldwide! POW-LOW's music has been used with international commercial and promo campaigns such as SWATCH, ALFA ROMEO, PHILIPP MORRIS, SWISSAIR, CNN, NBA, NHL, MLB amo.

1999, Zürich, Switzerland: Pow-Low started his own company and recording studio: SCHALLZENTRALE GmbH. By today the studio is one of Switzerland’s leading facility for production, mix and mastering, having mastered music for PETER GABRIEL and thousands of tracks worldwide. He's earned several platinum- & gold records awards. Many tracks & remixes produced at his studio got released on EMI / VIRGIN, UNIVERSAL, SUDBEAT, AUTIST, OPEN, ZENON, SOG records…  Pow-Low is an official beta-tester for NATIVE INSTRUMENTS TRAKTOR.


Pow-Low is one of Switzerland’s top producer & dj. He's played in many leading clubs of the country and was a resident at Zürich’s legendary places such as OXA and ROHSTOFFLAGER. He runs his own event label HERTZ which soon became one of the country's most popular festival & party promoter featuring many national- & international artists. HERTZ’s main outdoor events held at breathtaking locations were the AMPHITHEATER ELECTRONIC FESTIVAL, the huge multi-day festival called TANZWIESE @ Züri Fäscht.


Following the minimal chart breaker "MINIGRIP" on superbike/ PSYCLE. rec. POW-LOW signed with Berlin-based label AUTIST rec. and released "GOING MACH5", "SON OF A BEAT",  "BEELZEDUB" & "DINNER PARTY" and charted top 15 on beatport/minimal. For a remix of SENSIENT he joined OPEN rec. Australia where he also released the EP “REVOLUTION”. On top of this he has released music on Sebian Rec. Italy and Inminimax, Brasil and Turning Wheel, Switzerland. Since 2017 he is releasing with PSYCLE. records again. Find all releases in the discography below.


Press contact London –

Facebook: Pow-Low


Bio & Discography download


D I S C O G R A P H Y:

Jack and  the  Boogie Man (Dolby Atmos Mix)

Der Querdenker, PSYCLE. rec 2023

PEACE... Coming Soon, PSYCLE. rec. 2023

Easy, PSYCLE. rec. / PSYCLE. rec., 2022

Healthy, PSYCLE. rec, 2021

Rebel, PSYCLE. rec, 2021

Crown, PSYCLE. rec, 2021

He's got the Jack EP, PSYCLE. rec. 2019


Inhale EP, PSYLCE. rec. 2019


Fibonacci Cult Remixes, EP, PSYCLE. rec. 2019


Fibonacci, EP, PSYCLE. rec. 2018


Ghost Note, EP, PSYCLE. rec. 2018


The OGs, EP, PSYCLE. rec., 2018


The R_M_X_Es, EP, PSYCLE. rec., 2018


nowER (incl. Debussy), EP, PSYCLE. rec., 2018




DOUBLE BARRELED remixes, PSYCLE. rec, 2017

77 ROAD, remix, PSYCLE. , 2017

DOUBLE BARRALED, maxi-single, PSYCLE. 2017


TANZ, digital release, 2012, TURNING WHEEL

BEELZEBUB, digital release, 2011, PSYCLE.

REVOLUTION, digital release, 2011, OPEN australia

JUMP, remix for she’s all that, 2010, INMINIMAX brasil

THERE WILL BE MUD, digital release, 2010, OPEN australia

DINNER PARTY, digital release, 2009, AUTIST berlin

DINKENFLICKA, digital release 2009, SEBIAN italy

BEELZEDUB, digital release, 2009, AUTIST berlin

SON OF A BEAT, digital release, 2009, AUTIST berlin

GOING MACH 5, digital release, 2009 AUTIST berlin

RAZZIA part2, digital release, 2009, SEBIAN italy

MINIGRIP, digital release, 2008, SUPERBIKE

FALLING, digital release 2008, COLOR OF SOUND

GRIN AND BEAR IT, digital release, 2008 COLOR OF SOUND

MAD MOOSE, digital release, 2008, COLOR OF SOUND

GREED: L.O.V.E., remix, 12inch vinyl, 2007, SOG

RAZZIA, 12inch vinyl, 2006, COLOR OF SOUND

GET READY, remix, 12inch vinyl, 2005, COLOR OF SOUND

VANDALIA, 12inch vinyl, 2004, COLOR OF SOUND

HOLLY BEAT BAM, 12inch vinyl, 2004, COLOR OF SOUND

NO RELIGION: tongueride, 12inch vinyl, 2003, SOG

NO RELIGION: the bridge, 12inch vinyl, 2002, SOG

NO RELIGION: hells bells, maxiCD & vinyl incl. video, 2001, EMI/VIRGIN

NO RELIGION: fire, album, 2001, EMI/VIRGIN

NO RELIGION: sunking, maxiCD & vinyl, 1999, EMI/VIRGIN (soundtrack to the total eclipse of the sun*)

NO RELIGION: light my fire, single CD incl. video, 1999, EMI

NO RELIGION: epicenter, album, 1998, EMI

NO RELIGION: soulpilot, vinyl & maxiCD incl. video, 1998, EMI

NO RELIGION: epicenter, EP, 1997


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