Kalaha Moon from Berlin ... a new level of music and sound!

We had the honor and pleasure to master this outstanding band for the vinyl and digital release!

Kalaha Moon’s first EP, NANGIJALA, tells the story of desert sands and lost roads to mysterious lands. Coming together in a journey of sound and shifting depths of light and dark, this EP brings the feeling of hope on an adventure quest to the

land... of Nangijala.

Formed at the band’s studio in Kreuzberg, this 4-track EP holds a message for the times that we live in. Nangijala reminds us of the importance of dreaming, of music, of savoring each moment that keeps us alive in A time WHERE the world is standing still.

An intricate attention to soundscapes that range from tribal to electronic, to experimental pop rhythms and heavy basslines showcases the unique sound of kalaha, a one way ticket to the moon.

Follow the journey to nangijala here Kalaha Moon is a live band based in Berlin. The friendship formed between Frej, Max and Patrick led to jam sessions as the basis of the project.

It shed the light of possibility that their collective sound would evolve into something more than just a vision. Their distinct musical identity is emphasised by their organic sound and intuitive expression, bridging the gap between live and electronic music.

This story is a special one, as their first concert at Garbicz Festival 2018 came alive after a short few months of meeting each other. This brought the attention of Moyn Moyn Festival, where they were provided with a second opportunity to play their music…

As the summer sun of 2019 rose, their first three released singles made its mark in the underground scene. Finding their ground as independent artists, they gracefully secured gigs at a number of festivals around Europe. With their singles reaching over 200,000 streams across various streaming platforms, Kalaha Moon was a step further on their journey.

Kalaha Moon has played at festivals including Fusion Festival (GER), Bucht Der Traumer (GER), Festsaal Kreuzberg (Ger) and Vibronica festival (RUS). They have also warmed up for artists such as Shkoon and Chancha Via Circuito.

The trio aspires to continue spreading their musical vibrations by connecting people of all world cultures.

NANGIJALA IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS. PRE-ORDER THE VINYL & RECEIVE A FREE REMIX OR LISTEN BELOW: Spotify // Bandcamp // Soundcloud Contact: kalahamoon@gmail.com Booking: Nils@Kalahamoon.com