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Mindblowing new album by "History of Color" recorded in Lisboa, Paris and Buenos Aires

Aktualisiert: 31. Mai 2020

It was a great pleasure to master Antumbra... for digital and vinyl on Shika Shika Collective

An argentinean producer/luthier and a British producer/environmental activist joined by the love of traditional music and slow electronics, under the premise of “music without borders”. This led to the birth of the Shika Shika collective some five years ago but also their collaborative project, HIstory of Colour. Since 2013, Agustin Rivaldo (Barrio Lindo) and Robin Perkins (El Búho) been working together under the premise of finding and tuning their crossover sound as History of Colour. After the unexpected success of their last EP “ Calidoso”, History of Colour is back to present their debut album, “Antumbra”. These two producers, who have each made a name for themselves in the Latin American downtempo electronica scene, have been slow-roasting this eight instrumental track release for the past two years. Since they started to collaborate, their creative processes have always been done remotely. Though this album started like this, they took the opportunity to come together in person for different sessions. On the album the duo explore a new path, one that envelops the essence of their South American musical inspirations with darkly happy melodies and psychedelic arpeggios. Featuring German talent M.RUX, frequent Shika Shika collaborator, and Portuguese composer MaguPi, “Antumbra” writes the next chapter of this musical brotherhood. Shika Shika Collective will also release the project that encapsulates the beginnings of the collective on vinyl for the first time.


released May 21, 2020 Produced and recorded in Lisboa, Paris and Buenos Aires from 2018-2020 All tracks produced by Robin Perkins & Agustín Rivaldo except 2 produced with M.RUX MaGuPi marimbas in 8 Photos Maxime Bessieres Design Clau Smith Mixed in El Nogal in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mastering Paolo Fedrigoli at Schallzentrale Gmbh Studio


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