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The Tenth Floor... Music, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation (Istanbul, New York, Sydney, Tulum)

Aktualisiert: 28. Apr. 2020

Raise Your Frequency With Music!

Music to open your heart and blow your mind..

Discover the power of sound. Listen, move or dance to the rhythms, beats, flows, silences, and delicate allure of the inner experience. Music is always a good idea, for healing, uplifting or celebration. Our brain engages with sound in a way that science has proven affects our mood, calms our nerves and reduces stress and anxiety. Certain music that is, hard core heavy sounds work in the same way. It's called brain entrainment, sound effects our state of mind. Dive in and enjoy the music.. may it change your life forever.  Music tracks and sound design. Bespoke playlists, DJ sets and special mixes to set the mood and on point energy for your property, wedding, party, office, retail space, special event, music for anywhere where people gather or want to escape. 


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