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World Music mastered at Schallzentrale (New York, Sidney, Tulum, Istanbul, Berlin, D'arbia)

The FIRE SONG - Dedicated to the Australian Bush Fires.

The first single from the album AMAZON is Regeneration, because this is an important process that we find ourselves in at this time on earth. It’s time to allow our earth to renew.

AMAZON is an album about life, our journey as humans on the planet at this time in history. Faced with ecological and leadership confusion. This album is a way to take action at times when we feel helpless, angry and stuck, and don't know what to do. It will guide and move you to places in your heart, mind and body to bring insights, shifts and a return to inner power. With intention, music and dance, our dreaming is amplified, our questions answered, our hearts opened and healing can emerge.

Composed, Arranged and Produced by Bība, M@kossa & WaiyariBy for The Tenth Door


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